Other Devereuxs
Other Devereuxs

Another Nigel Devereux in England
Devereux.org   The Devereux Foundation traces its roots back to
     1912 when a remarkable young Philadelphia educator
     took an extraordinary interest in youngsters who were
     considered "slow" by most of her colleagues. Helena
     T. Devereux, who is considered a pioneer in the field of
     special education, operated on the premise that each
     of the students assigned to her could learn and grow
     in an environment tailored to their needs. Basically,
     her philosophy was that "every child is a program."

Georges Devereux (france)
Paul Devereux   Paranormal research
Prof. Michael Devereux  
B. Devereux Barker IV
Devereux/Chambers law firm
Colonel Nicholas Devereux's Regiment of  Foote
A regiment within the Fairfax Battalia of the
Roundhead Association. Part of the  English Civil War Society
Devereux Books (a firm selling ..... books)
Edward Devereux Sheffe, New York. Magazine consulting, corporate communications, web design.
Devereux Design (pillows)
Jane Devereux (Australia)
The Devereux is a superbly appointed boutique  hotel that combines the best of a hotel, B & B and homestay. Professionally run, The Devereux provides the personal touch, a retreat that is quiet and private. A regular home away from home whether you are a business professional or a holiday visitor to Auckland or New Zealand
an ATM machine without a web interface but in an interssting avenue in London: ATM: Devereux Avenue (opposite Vincent Park Shopping Centre),
Ther is even a villiage call Devereux in Georgia USA but they haven’t got a web site
Devereux Beach A picture
Another Nigel Devereux (mamaging editor)


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